Autumn Supper

A colourful meal with lots of earthy seasonal components, This dish from Maria Elia’s ‘The Modern Vegetarian: Food Adventures for the Contemporary Palate: Over 120 Recipes to Wake Up Your Palate‘ is super delicious and healthy, too!

The mushrooms are hidden under green lentils with onions and garlic in an aromatic vinaigrette containing sesame oil, soy and rice vinegar. Tied up into an individual portion in paper and baked in the oven with some beetroot, it smells amazing when the parcel is unwrapped!  Add coriander and fresh mozzerella once it’s out of the oven and there you have it. Lovely.

Mushroom, Beetroot, Mozzarella with a Lentil Cartouche
From Maria Elia's 'Modern Vegetarian'

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  1. ebenette says:

    This dish sounds fantastic and the photo makes me feel extremely hungry! The vinaigrette here is my favourite recipe, but I’ve never thought of using it together with beetroot and mozzarella. It’s so easy to get stuck with the combinations one already knows and not to explore something new.

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