My name is Lucy, I live by Wandswoth Common in South London, and I like a lot of things. Here are some of them:





watching American TV shows


going to festivals

Borough market

trying to get my money’s worth from my unlimited cinema card

thinking about cooking

reading recipe books


making a mess of it and starting again





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  1. Fran Moody says:

    Good on you Lucy. I’m hungry reading your comments! My most recent cooking adventure was following a banana bread recipe from the Times this week and ending up with with soup! They had printed the recipe without any flour. once sorted it was a very good cake!. BTW I have industrial quantities of Pudsey cake cases having over ordered last year.

  2. Uncle Chrissy says:

    Hi Luce,

    Thanks so much for that Xmas lunch, which was a WOW!
    The starter delighted, the turkey was prepared with such detail and indeed innovation, the Gruyere bake was to die for and the roulade pudding was what I suppose they call sinful. An amazing effort. I almost asked how you had cooked that delightfully assertive cheese; proof that I was beginning to lose the plot. 😉

    Mille grazie!

    xxx C & H

  3. Fran sergison says:

    Hey Luce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cannot wait to see you in sayville tomo!!!!! We are so excited; it’s been way too long!!



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