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A Fresh Start October 29, 2009

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After announcing some months ago that I was going to start a food blog, I thought I’d better get round to actually posting something! I have been dithering around collecting photos and stuff but in all honesty have been a feeling bit apprehensive about it.

I’m not too sure who I am writing this blog to exactly, if nothing else it will be a way to catalogue all the recipes we have tried (and hopefully enjoyed), and maybe it will prove interesting to any readers who stumble across it in an obsessive food-blog-athon. Or is it just me who does that…?

So, here goes, I will start with a lovely autumn dish that is easy to prepare after work (as all of our week-day meals have to be!) but is super delicious and healthy! If I had had any salad leaves I would have served them with the squash, but it worked perfectly well alone. One note about the recipe: I ran out of pine nuts so couldn’t include them in the dish, but they are a very worthy addition so have kept them in the original recipe.

Squash with roasted veg and goats cheese 1

Ready to add the goats cheese

I cooked the squash initially for about an hour, longer than in the recipe because I wanted to get the sweet caramelised edges you can see above.